St. Patrick’s Day

We are a bilingual school, so we want children to know the main traditions in Anglosaxon culture. That´s the reason why we have celebrated this year Saint Patrick´s day.

All the students were investigating about Saint Patrick´s history during the previous days. To get this aim, they watched videos, read stories and tales and played different games.

Finally, on March 17th, we made the big celebration at school. We performed at the playground two parades with the participation of all the students.  They walked, danced traditional songs, waved Irish flags, had shamrocks on their faces, to sum up, they really enjoyed themselves.

After the parade, they participated in different games to get the seven colours of the rainbow. They had to make a paper pirate boat, sing a song along all together, guess different riddles, make up a story or form words with their bodies.

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